Candidate Accomplishments

My record as your Commissioner and Vice Mayor includes:  

  • Served one term as Vice Mayor of the City of South Miami (2 years).
  • Served as Commissioner of the City of South Miami (6 years).
  • Voted  to lower taxes in the City South Miami
  • Creating the Affordable Housing Committee that support mandate for first time home-owner to receive $25,000 towards their home.
  • Support  CRA initiatives
  • Sponsor the resolution establishing South Miami as a Point of Distribution  Site  by the County  for   Disaster Relief Supplies.
  • Support safety, parking, and better traffic flow throughout the City of South Miami
  • Sponsored an ordinance requiring the City to add a new section to the Land Development code  entitled ” Affordable Housing Concurrency Reserve”.
  • Sponsored a resolution requiring the City to  create a Deputy Clerk position
  • Create a children  Book Club in  the city. 
  • Support the completion of  building of Municipal Parking Garage (SW 73 Street and 59 Place), which has been instrumental in increasing  businesses property values. 
  • Worked with the Commission and Baptist Hospital to open the South Miami Children’s Clinic at Murray Park.
  • Sponsor the resolution relating to Affordable Housing and designing ” City  Commission Work Day “in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity to construct Affordable Housing.        
  • Serve on the Community Action Agency  (CAA) Board
  • Sponsor the resolution authorizing the City  to participate in League of Cities  prescription discount card program.
  • Sponsor the resolution establishing policy waiving fees under limited circumstances  in Community Redevelopment  ( CRA)
  • Serve on the  Miami- Dade Homeless Trust Board 
  • Presently serving on the  City of South Miami Planning Board

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Cell Phone: 786-208-9718

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Facebook: @drvpalmer4commissioner

Pd. Pol. Adv. by Dr. Velma Palmer for South Miami City Commission, and approved by Dr. Velma Palmer Campaign.